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International Airline Training Academy

an extension of the airlines training department

The Napa Valley is an ideal location for flight training with excellent weather all year and great surrounding terrain. The Napa County Airport is located north of the San Francisco International airport, it has 3 runways plus all the required navigation aids for instrument training including ILS, GPS and VOR approaches. There are over 40 airports in close proximity suitable for navigation and instrument training.

IATA is proud to have  a fleet of modern and standardized aircraft to meet the demand of 21st century airlines.

What Does IATA Do?

IATA knows what airlines want a new graduate to know and be capable of; so we train our students with the skills, knowledge and technology to meet the airlines requirements.

IATA customises its training to exactly match each individual airline’s standard operating procedures and crewing requirements. IATA is effectively providing on the job training (OJT), delivering much more than just a commercial pilot licence.

Multi Crew Training

From the very first flight we ensure that when our students graduate they are airline-ready pilots

Airline Partnerships

We effectually act as an extension to the flight-training department of the airlines that we train

Standard Procedures

Manuals, checklists and Standard Operating Practices bear the name and logo of each individual airline

24 x 7 operations

IATA will be operating 24 x 7
so that trainees can complete
their courses faster

Still Have Questions? Contact Us to Lean More!

If you have any further questions you can email us via the form on the contact page

Why do we do it?

We know how much time and money airlines are spending to re-train flight school graduates so they can check them to line status.  The IATA philosophy and leading edge training systems eliminate the need for airlines to do any re-training.  From the selection process, through the first flight and up to the Type Rating on modern aircraft such as the Airbus A320 or the Boeing B737NG, we provide the entire pilot procurement process for the airlines as an extension to their training departments.

There is a major shortage of pilots around the world and a pilot shortage looming in the USA, so there is no better time to commence your pilot training.